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Networking FAQ

This FAQ is based on information gathered from the relevent comp.sys.amiga.*, demon.ip.support.amiga and demon.tech.amiga newsgroups, FTP and WWW sites and my own personal experience. Others are reworks of questions that have come up ICPUG SE meetings and while I've been giving technical support. The questions have been split up into different headings for easier access:

If you have any information to add or correct please e-mail it to me webmaster@basil.u-net.com


Networking Hardware

Q. Is the Siamese System any good?

A. Try the official Siamese page.

Q. My A2060 Arcnet board doesn't work in my A4000. How can I fix this?

A. There is a fix on the Aminet, called A2060.txt

Q. I find the A2060.device buggy and unreliable. What can I do?

A. There's a replacement called ch2060.

Q. I have a A2232 multiport Serial card. Can I run this beyond 19200?

A. There is a patch on the Aminet, called a2232tuning.lha. Otherwise a new card called the Spider is available.

Q. Can I use a PCMCIA modem on a A600/1200?

A. Possibly. Try the pcmser.device

Q. How do I make a null modem cable?

A. You will need to female DB25 Connectors. Wire them together as follows:

2----------3    ; These are the data lines. Send and receive must be 

3----------2    ; swapped, so Amiga I sends, Amiga II receives along the 

                ; same line.

4----------5    ; These lines are used for hardware RTS/CTS handshaking.


7----------7    ; This is ground, and must be kept common.
If you are using a short cable (less than 3 metres) at a slow (19200) rate you needn't connect pins 4 and 5. However handshaking is essential when using faster rates (57600) over longer distances.

Q. I have an A2060 and A2065 networking board. Where can I get SANA-II drivers for these cards?

A. SANA-II drivers were never included with these boards. They are included with Envoy, AmiTCP/IP 4 (the demo version) and they are also available in the SANA-II development specification package.

Q. I have an old Zorro II 2400 Super IZ internal modem. Is it possible to hack this board to act as a serial board allowing the connection of a newer faster modem?

A. You need to replace the chips on the board with the Intel (Satafaction) 9600 v32 Modem chip set.


Q. Can I run Envoy and AmiTCP/IP or AS225r2 on the same SANA-II device, unit and hardware, simultaneously?

A. Yes, but only if you have a SANA-II driver which is fully compatible with revision 2.0 of the SANA-II device specification. The driver must, more specifically, support the PacketFilter hook which enables different network protocol stacks to use the same packet type at the same time.

Q. What tools are there for monitoring and debug, SANA-II based networks?

A. There are several such tools on the Aminet, including Sniffer, SANAMon and SANA2Meter.


Q. What ethernet options are available from the Amiga?

A. More than you might think. See http://www.cs.rose-hulman.edu/~gunnbr/enetAmiga.html.

Q. I have an A2065 Ethernet card without documentation. What can I do?

A. Documentation, jumper settings and testing software are available on http://www.cs.rose-hulman.edu/~gunnbr/A2065docs.txt

Q. How can I connect my A600/A1200 to an Ethernet based LAN?

A. See the A1200 Ethernet Report. A CNET CN40BC or CN40T can be used in conjunction with the new CNet.device


Q. What FTPd should I use?

A. There's a simple one included with the AmiTCP/IP demo and an updated version on the Aminet, called mlftpd14.lha. The most flexible FTPd is LS-FTPd. This uses MUI and is at present not very stable. The best option is >Wu-FTPd.

Q. I've heard I can run a WWW server on my Amiga. What software do I need?

A. There's a port of the NSCA HTTPd on the Omnipresence Server called HTTPd.lha. There is also AWS (Amiga Web Server, written by Mike Meyer, which is perhaps the best option.

Q. I'm using AmiTCP/IP 3.0 beta 2. I've heard there's a bug with inetd using HTTPd. How can I fix this?

A. From the AMosaic FAQ:

Q. How do I keep inetd from saying that httpd is looping?

A. Inetd assumes that nobody would want to connect to a service more than 10 times a minute. For AmiTCP 3.0b2, this is hardwired into the code, and cannot be changed without source. You can ftp a patched version of inetd for AmiTCP 3.0b2 from ftp.phone.net, in the pub/mwm/ directory called inetd_for_httpd For AmiTCP 4.1 and later, you can use the TOOMANY option on inetd to change this from the default value of 60 connections/minute.

Q Is there a secure fingerd?

A. Try rxFingerd.

AmiTCP & AS225

Q. What is AS225?

A. AS225 was the official TCP/IP stack for the Amiga, developed by Commodore. It came in two versions; AS225r1 used hard coded devices to control the A2065 Ethernet and A2060 Arcnet boards. AS225r2 used SANA-II devices, but was never officially released. INet 225 included with the AT Surfer pack is rumoured to be heavily based on this old TCP/IP stack.

Q. Little documentation is included with the AmiTCP demo. Where can I find more information?

A. Try the AmiTCP/IP FAQ.

Q.How do I remove the entry in AmiTCP4.0 demo to remove the finger security bug? I tried deleting it from AmiTCP:db/services but AmiTCP gave some error, and refused to work.

A. Not the place to remove it. Leave AmiTCP:/db/services alone. Remove the line (or actually place a "#" in front of it to comment the line out) that starts with "finger" in your AmiTCP:db/inetd.conf file. This file controls what Daemons are allowed to run on your system.

Q. How can I check if an interface is online or not?

A. Get IFCheck from the Aminet.

Q. I want to use AmiTCP for a dial up (c)SLIP/PPP account. The supplied SANA II SLIP driver and Holger Kruse's PPP device don't have internal dialers. What can I do?

A. You could use AmiPPP which has its own dialer and GUI or gwcSLIP which supports script based dialing. gwcSLIP is only available on Demon's FTP server. The other options are a separate dialer (try comm/net on the Aminet) or the dialer.device which is substituted for serial.device in you ENV:SANA2/ configs. Finally you could use NComm or Term to dial into your ISP, quit and then bring your SANA-II device online. You will have to use AT&D0 to stop the modem hanging up when you quit your terminal emulator. Also you will have to enter your login, password and protocol manually, although you could use an ARexx script to do this.

Q. Can I speed up AmiTCP and/or connect to my ISP at 115200 by increasing a stack value?

A. You can increase the Stack = value in AmiTCP:devs/inet-mountlist

Q. How can I update my clock from the Internet?

A. You'll need a utility such as rdate or synclock. You'll then need the address of a time server such as, ntp.demon.co.uk

Q. What are the bsdsocket.library and socket.library?

A. These are similar to standard Amiga shared libraries. However the don't reside in Libs:, they are created by the applications which use them. In case AmiTCP and Miami create the bsdsocket.library and AS225r2 and INet 225 create the socket.library. These libraries are used by programs which use TCP/IP routines such as ftp clients. Emulation libraries, such as the socket.library, are also available to allow you to run AS225 applications under AmiTCP. There is also a new bsdsocket.library to enable use of the more common AmiTCP applications under INet 225.

Q. I want to run Grapevine (AS225r2) under AmiTCP. I understand I will need the socket.library. How do I set this and where can I get it from?

A. The socket.library is included with Grapevine. To install, copy the library to libs: then create a file, called SocketConfig in ENV: and ENVARC:. Either enter the text and save to ENVARC: and reboot, use SetENV followed by the text or Echo >ENV:SocketConfig. The configoration should be based along:

For example I use the following in my AmiTCP:Bin/Startnet script:
SetENV SOCKETCONFIG "UID=100 GID=100 USER=Patrick DOMAIN=demon.co.uk UMASK=022"
Q. How can I stop the AmiTCPIP Log window opening?

A. Put "con=NIL:" in db/AmiTCP.config

Q. I'm using AmiTCP/IP 4 (Demo) and PPP 1.45. How can I hang up the modem once ppp0 has been taken offline?

A. Add CD to env:sana2/ppp0.config and set your modem to hang up on DTR drop (usually AT&D2). AT&D2 can set in the dialscript used by the PPP device.

Q. How can I print via TCP/IP to a UNIX, Samba or even Amiga server connected to my network? Can I just use CMD?

A. Use the utilities, lp or the the UNIX compatible, lpr. If the remote computer is an Amiga, try using the above with an lp daemon such as lpd. CMD could be used if the remote computer's printer was mounted on your Amiga by some kind of Network File System.

Q. I can dial into and log onto my ISP, but no connection to the Internet is made and I'm disconnected. How can I make a full, stable connection?

A. This could be any number of things. You're software may be incorrectly configured or the ifconfig command may not have been used. Check that your SANA-II driver is using the same baud rate (in env:sana2/#?.config) as the method you connected by. If your ISP uses [c]SLIP check that you are using the right type of protocol, that is don't use SLIP on a [c]SLIP account. This is known problem with NetConnect and some ISPs.


Q. What is IPX?

A. IPX is a networking protocol used mostly by PC games.

Q. Is it available on the Amiga?

A.Yes, see AmIPX. There are a few differences and a SANA-II network driver is required. Only Ethernet is currently supported.

Q. What Amiga software supports it?

A. ADoom and Quake[?] use AmIPX.


Q. I've installed Miami using MiamiInit, but when I try to connect to site I'm told that the site can't be found. I've checked the addresses are correct. How can I visit sites?

A. Miami is missing the address of a DNS (name server). This happens some times when MiamiInit can't find your ISP's DNS address. You will simply have to add this manually. Ask your ISP for the address if you don't already know it.

Q. How can I use Miami's get time feature?

A. Enter the address of a time server (see above).


Q. I have OS 2.x. What WWW browsers can I use?

A. Most modern browsers use OS 3.x Classes and datatypes for inline images. You can use AMosaic 1.2 (if you turn off image downloading) and ALynx only. There is an ARexx script on the Aminet which handles images with AMosaic and OS 2.x called DownloadInline

Q. I'm using the IBrowse demo. How can I get rid of the 'Beta' requester on startup?

A. Create a file (the contents doesn't matter) called I_KNOW_IBROWSE_IS_BETA. Copy this file to your ENV: and ENVARC: or set it up as an environmental variable from your Startnet script.


Q. What's the best Amiga news reading system?

A. There are lots of packages always 'just around the corner'. Thor is very good and will also handle EMail, although it can be hard to install and use at first. I use NewsAgent and Tin (as set up by the Demon installer). To do this I use a custom script, called NaTin to transfer news from one program to the other. If you download the script it will have to be edited for your system and check that the s protection bit is set. This system works reasonably well. Alternatively FidoNet software can also be used with some modification.

Q. I've heard about a WWW Usenet reader, where can I find this?

A. DejaNews can be found at http://www.dejanews.com More information on using this facility can be found on the Aminet as NewsBrowse.txt

LANs, ParNet, TwinX, SerNet, ProNet

Q. I type Copy DH2:disk.info RAM: in Twin Express and am asked to insert disk DH2: in any drive, when I try to copy a file across the TwinX link. How can I stop this and copy files easly?

A. You need to place ~ in front of all remote drives. In this case you should use: Copy ~DH2:disk.info RAM:

Cross Platform Networking

Q. How can I mount my PC as a filesystem based device on my Amiga?

A. The Siamese can do this among other things. Otherwise try PC2Amiga on the Aminet. AmiTCP/IP and any Network File System could also be used.



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